Studio Policies

Attendance & Punctuality - Please make every effort to attend class on time every week.  If you are unable to attend class, please call and leave a message for your instructor.  If you are late to class, please enter quickly and quietly without interrupting.

Arrival & Dismissal - When entering & exiting the studio, please remember to be quiet in the halls, and lobby.  As you are changing classes or waiting for your class to begin, please be respectful because while classes are in session, noise from the lobby and hallways is very disruptive.  Never enter a classroom without the instructor present.  Also , due to our tight schedule, be aware that instructors will be unable to conference with parents between classes.  If you have a question or concern, write the instructor a note, email or leave a message with the front desk, and the instructor will contact you.

Attire- All students must wear dance attire, and must come to class with proper footwear.  Hair must be pulled tightly away from the face, and be sure that your hair accessory will hold the hair securely for the entire class.  All Ballet students will be required to wear form fitting clothes; so please refrain from wearing baggy pants that hide your legs and feet.  Also, be sure to label your shoes and belongings with a permanent marker and please leave all jewelry and toys at home.

Food/Drinks - Plastic containers of water are permitted, but all other drinks or food items are prohibited inside the classrooms and lobby.  We request that all food and drink items be consumed and disposed of outside the building.

Restroom - Please use the restroom before class.  Classes proceed at a fast pace, and we do not want your students missing anything.  If you have an emergency, you may exit the room quickly & quietly, then join in when you return without disrupting.

Behavior & Etiquette - Students must be courteous to classmates and instructors, and make every effort to display a positive attitude.  Students being disrespectful to instructors or other students will not be permitted to participate.  If you are being disrespectful or disruptive; you will receive a warning.  If the behavior continues, you will be sent out of the classroom, and parents will be notified. 

Our staff believes that attendance in dance class should be a fun and enjoyable experience, but also knows it is necessary for students to work hard, stay on task, and pay close attention to the rules.  These rules & policies will help insure that we all work as a team to meet our objectives, improve technique, and achieve mastery of the skills.  We thank you for your support and cooperation, and look forward to working with you throughout the year.